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The Future Fund

20 May 2020

The Government has today launched the Future Fund aimed at supporting UK-based companies who can now apply for a convertible loan of between £125,000 and £5 million, to support continued growth and innovation.  These convertible loans may be a suitable option for businesses that typically rely on equity investment and are unable to access other government business support programmes because they are either pre-revenue or pre-profit.

Further information can be found here.

Find out how to apply here:

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Extension

12 May 2020


The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has protected millions of jobs and businesses across the UK during the outbreak – and the Chancellor has been clear that he wants to avoid a cliff edge and get people back to work in a measured way.

The scheme is just one part of our world-leading economic response to coronavirus. As we move into the second stage of our response, we are focussed on not just on saving lives, but also saving livelihoods. That’s why the Government are taking unprecedented action to support businesses, jobs and our economy.

The Chancellor has today announced that the scheme will be extended until the end of October, a further four months. Until the end of July, workers will continue to receive 80 per cent of their current salary, up to £2,500 a month. From the start of August, the scheme will be more flexible, and furloughed workers will be able to return to work part-time with employers being asked to contribute towards some of the costs of their salaries.

We will continue to do everything we can to ensure people can pay their bills and put food on the table. So as we begin to recover and return to our way of live, it is vital that we all stay alert, so we can control the virus and save lives.

✅Extending the Coronavirus Job Retention scheme by four months, until the end of October. The Government will continue to support all employers by providing 80 per cent of furloughed employees’ salaries, up to £2,500 a month until the end of July.

✅Providing flexibility to the scheme from the start of August, so that some furloughed workers can start to return to work part-time. The scheme will continue in its current form until the end of July and the changes to allow more flexibility will come in from the start of August. More specific details and information around its implementation will be made available by the end of this month.

✅Introducing an unprecedented, world-leading economic response to support businesses while protecting the livelihoods of the British people and our future economic prospects. This includes an unprecedented package for the self-employed, loans and guarantees that have so far provided billions of pounds in support, tax deferrals and grants for small businesses. 

The latest figures also show:

✅ 35,000 CBILS loans, worth over £6 billion, have now been put out;

✅ Over 267,000 Bounce Back Loans worth over £8 billion have approved during the first week of the scheme;

✅ The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has protected 7.5 million workers and almost 1 million businesses

Bounce Back Loans

27 April 2020

Yesterday, the Government announced a new loan scheme. A simple, quick, easy solution for those in need of smaller loans.

Businesses can apply for new Bounce Back Loans up to a maximum of £50,000, or 25% of turnover, with the government paying the interest for the first 12 months.

These loans will be available from 9am Monday 4th May 2020.

There will be no forward-looking tests of business viability; no complex eligibility criteria; just a simple, quick, standard form for businesses to fill in.

For most firms, loans should arrive within 24 hours of approval.

And The Chancellor has decided, for this specific scheme, that the government will support lending by guaranteeing 100% of the loan. 

We shouldn't ask taxpayers to bear all the risk of lending almost unlimited sums to businesses who may have very little prospect of paying those loans back – and not necessarily because of coronavirus.

So the government doesn’t think it's right to provide 100% guarantees on all our schemes.

Instead, the new Bounce Back Loans carefully target that extraordinary level of state support at those who need it most.

And the £50,000 cap balances the risk to the taxpayer with the need to support our smallest businesses.



08 April 2020

* £750 million pot for frontline charities across the UK – including hospices and those supporting domestic abuse victims
* £360 million direct from Government departments and £370m for smaller charities, including through a grant to the National Lottery Community Fund
* Government will match donations to the National Emergencies Trust as part of the BBC’s Big Night In fundraiser later this month – pledging a minimum of £20 million

Charities across the UK will receive a £750 million package of support to ensure they can continue their vital work during the coronavirus outbreak, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced today (Wednesday 8 April).

Tens of thousands of charities providing vital services will benefit from direct cash grants to ensure they can meet increased demand as a result of the virus as well as continuing their day to day activities supporting those in need.

As part of a UK-wide package of support, £360 million will be directly allocated by Government departments to key charities providing key services and supporting vulnerable people during the crisis

As well as this, £370 million for small and medium-sized charities, including through a grant to the National Lottery Community Fund for those in England, will support those organisations at the heart of local communities which are making a big difference during the outbreak, including those delivering food, essential medicines and providing financial advice.

The Chancellor also announced the government will match fund whatever the public decides to donate to the BBC’s Big Night In charity appeal ‪on April 23rd‬, starting with a contribution of at least £20m to the National Emergencies Trust appeal.

Today’s announcement builds on previous announcements by the Chancellor to support charities and businesses, including deferring their VAT bills, paying no business rates for their shops next year, and furloughing staff where possible with the Government paying 80% of their wages.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak said:

“Our charities are playing a crucial role in the national fight against coronavirus, supporting those who are most in need.

“It’s right we do everything we can to help the sector during this difficult time, which is why we have announced this unprecedented £750 million package of extra funding.

“This will ensure our key charities can continue to deliver the services that millions of people up and down the country rely on.”

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said:

"Our brilliant charities are already playing a crucial role in our national effort to fight coronavirus - backed up by an army of volunteers. We're determined to support them and match the generosity being shown by the British people. This package will make sure those on the front line are able to reach people who need help most, support communities and take pressure off our NHS.” 

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock said:

“The entire charity sector has stepped up as part of our national effort to tackle coronavirus – from helping our NHS heroes to ensuring the most vulnerable among us are cared for properly.

“Hospices have suffered a huge challenge to their funding due to the outbreak of coronavirus but at the same time continued to play a vital role in delivering compassionate, quality end-of-life care for many people. I am delighted that this cash boost will provide further financial stability and support them to increase capacity of NHS Services and provide stability as we manage our response to coronavirus.

“It’s vitally important we all continue to support our fantastic and hardworking hospices and their staff during this unprecedented time, and the whole country is grateful for the incredible work they do.”

Charities providing vital services and helping vulnerable people through the current crisis will benefit from the £360 million allocated by Government departments. These will include:

* Hospices to help increase capacity and give stability to the sector
* St Johns Ambulance to support the NHS
* Victims charities, including domestic abuse, to help with potential increase in demand for charities providing these services
* Vulnerable children charities, so they can continue delivering services on behalf of local authorities
* Citizens Advice to increase the number of staff providing advice during this difficult time

Departments will now work at pace to identify priority recipients, with the aim for charities to receive money in the coming weeks. The application system for the National Lottery Community Fund grant pot is expected to be operational within weeks as well.

Where charitable services are devolved the UK Government has applied the Barnett formula in the normal way. The devolved administrations are therefore being funded to provide a similar level of support to charities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Reactions from charity sector:

* Charlotte Moore, Director of BBC Content said:
“The Big Night In promises to be a fantastic evening of entertainment and we welcome this support. We want to help as many people as possible through this crisis. These funds will be shared by the huge number of smaller charities and projects who are making a vital difference to so many communities up and down the country.”

* Tracey Bleakley, CEO from national charity Hospice UK, said:
“Hospice UK is delighted that the Government is providing up to £200 million of funding per quarter to hospices to help support the NHS and respond to the COVID-19 emergency.

“Hospices are on the frontline of providing care and support to almost a quarter of a million vulnerable people every year at the end of their lives. This unprecedented funding recognises the vital role that hospices play in supporting the NHS in its fight against COVID-19, and means hospices across the country can keep providing beds, specialist clinical care and staffing to relieve pressure on the NHS at this critical moment.

“Hospices depend on the generosity of their local communities to care for people and families affected by terminal illness. This incredible government support is very welcome but it’s still important that people continue to support their local hospice.

“Hospice UK is working with the NHS to disburse this much-needed funding as soon as possible so we can continue to protect the most vulnerable people in our country during this national emergency.”

* John Herriman, Chief Executive of the National Emergencies Trust, said:
"This is very welcome money that builds on the success of the NET Coronavirus appeal to date and which will give thousands and thousands of people real and much needed help. By working collaboratively with many local grassroots charities and local community foundations we have been able to deliver support quickly, fairly and efficiently to those who need it most. We have seen many, many stories of people who have already received wonderful support, from food deliveries to helping those in isolation. This additional funding means we can do so much more, and we will work in partnership with the sector to ensure support continues to get to where it’s needed most".

* Dawn Austwick OBE, Chief Executive, National Lottery Community Fund, said:
“I’ve been inspired by how charities and voluntary groups have stepped up to support people and communities through this crisis. So this support from Government is welcome, we look forward to working alongside Government and others to ensure these new funds have the biggest possible impact in communities.”

* Ruth Davison, Chief Executive of Comic Relief, said:
“The incredible support for the Big Night In means we will be able to provide vital funding to smaller charities across the UK who are working around the clock to help keep people fed, safe and supported throughout the pandemic.”

* Sir John Low, Chief Executive of the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), said:
“The Charities Aid Foundation knows only too well that charities on the front line are facing incredible demands for their services just as income is squeezed. This set of measures from the Treasury will offer important and welcome support for civil society at this very difficult time for us all.

“Recognising the humbling generosity of the British public right now is so vital as we rally together in the face of such a national challenge.

“Charities at the front line and all those working to support our society need help to perform their vital function bringing people together at this time of enormous challenge. They will need this type of support now and into the future as we come out of this crisis.”




Follow Government advice. Look after your family, friends, neighbours and community. We will overcome adversity together.


All up to date Government advice about COVID-19 can be found on this webpage: 

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