Arts Council Funding delivered to South West Hertfordshire

This week the Arts Council announced that £64.8 million has been awarded to 7,484 creative practitioners and 2,182 independent organisations across the country as part of their Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund. These grants have been made possible through existing funding from Government and the National Lottery.

Of these grants £103,074 has been awarded to 3 creative practitioners (£27,011 each) and 3 organisations (£76,063) in South West Hertfordshire. For further information on the Emergency Response Fund and each grant please click here.

Announced in March, the Arts Council’s Emergency Response Fund was designed to help alleviate the immediate pressures faced by artists, creative practitioners, museums, and libraries over the summer - supporting them as they continue to serve their communities during this crisis and affording them the time to stabilise and plan for the future. 

Gagan is delighted that 3 individual performers have accessed the grants and that organisations in the constituency are also benefiting. More funding is available so please go to the website of the Arts Council for more information here.