Work Experience

I offer work experience opportunities to students from the constituency. The placement gives young people an insight in to local politics and a chance to boost their skills. Students will be able to help with a number of tasks:

  • Casework, depending on the age and ability of the student
  • Researching an issue
  • Taking press-cuttings
  • Writing press releases
  • Accompanying the MP to a meeting or event in the House or in the Constituency
  • Assisting with office duties
  • Answering queries from constituents, either by 'phone or by email

Please contact my office ( to enquire about work experience.


An example of what individuals on work experience placements can expect is below. This blog post was written by local Ollie Neville, who joined the team for a week in June:

"Over the past week I was very privileged to be able to gain a great insight into how Parliamentary offices work through my work experience with Gagan Mohindra MP and his team.

As part of my work experience, I was given a range of interesting tasks to undertake throughout the week. One of these tasks included completing some research into the economic context of South West Hertfordshire and finding the important local businesses, organisations including chambers of commerce and important community groups that exist in the different communities in the constituency. I presented my research through creating an informative report for Gagan and his team on my findings with the appropriate details for each business and organisation in order for Gagan and his team to be able to build cooperative relationships with them.

Furthermore, I was able to gain an insight into Parliamentary research through helping to produce a research brief on the Gender Recognition Act and the current proposals for reform in relation to that piece of legislation. As well as this, I was delighted to be able to help come up with ideas and help with projects for Gagan around South West Hertfordshire and with his local association by producing a detailed plan for community outreach as well as drafting example emails and correspondence to constituents.

I was also very lucky to round off my weeks work experience by being able to take part in Gagan’s weekly podcast available on Spotify and ITunes where Gagan gives his take on current affairs and explains work he has done in Parliament.

On the whole, this weeks work experience was very insightful and I am extremely grateful to Gagan and his staff for allowing me to take part in their various projects and to help serve the constituents of South West Hertfordshire. I would heavily recommend this work experience for anyone interested in Politics and what goes on behind the scenes in Parliament. "