Digital Connectivity

I want to ensure that South West Hertfordshire receives access to high quality, fast broadband.

Investment in rural broadband is essential for our small and medium sized businesses, as well as every home across the constituency.

The past year has highlighted how important it is that we can all stay connected with our loved ones, even when we’re not able to see them. That’s why I’ve contacted mobile companies to arrange a meeting, to push for more mobile phone masts. I’ve also contacted Openreach and asked for a meeting to discuss how we can improve Broadband connectivity. So we can work towards better mobile and broadband coverage across the whole constituency.

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New 'Fix the Digital Divide' Blueprint released

Attached to this article is a copy of Good Things Foundation’s new report which has been launched today, with solutions on how to fix the digital divide for millions of people and how to fire up the post-COVID economy, level up opportunity and lead to a fairer economy, stronger society and better