Green Belt: Latest Planning Consultation

🌳🏡*Planning For The Future Reforms*🌳🏡

As many of you will be aware protecting the Green Belt is one of my top priorities. I know it is for my constituents too.

That is why I am diligently reading the Government's latest White Paper and having meetings with key stakeholders over the next few days.

It may be that the once in a generation reforms announced today are necessary and ensure the provision of more homes for young people, creating better quality neighbourhoods and homes across the country.

Reforms which cut red tape, but not standards, and place a higher regard on quality, design and the environment than before should be welcomed. Planning decisions must be simple and transparent, with local democracy at the heart of the process.

I would urge constituents and social media users to read the full government White Paper, as I'm going to, rather than reacting in a knee jerk fashion to newspaper headlines and content.

You can read the White Paper here:…/consultations/planning-for-the-future

I have attached the one pager which is also available on my website.

I'm monitoring the situation closely, reading up as much as possible and will make my position clear in due course.


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